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White Wine Selection

Bin No. White Wine Selection 75cl Bottle
1 Kleindal Chenin Blanc £18.00
  South Africa  
  Medium dry with lots of perfumed aromas and balanced fruit.  
  By the glass £6.40 (250ml)  
2 Piesporter Michelsberg Q.b.a Konings Cup £18.00
  Medium sweet with characteristic appley hints.  
  By the glass £6.40 (250ml)  
3 Euca Hill Chardonnay £21.00
  Creamy textured with aromas of hot buttered toast and crumpets with hints of warm spices on the finish.  
4 Las Condes Sauvignon Blanc £20.00
  Elegant, citrus fruit aromas, matched to a clean, refreshingly grassy palate.  
5 San Giorgio Pinot Grigio £21.00
  Clean and crisp nose of citrus fruit which follow through onto the palate.  
6 770 Miles Califonian Chardonnay £23.00
  Clean and crisp with ripe tropical fruit flavours and a fresh and easy drinking finish.  
7 Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Saget £22.00
  Good complexity and balance with a dry finish.  
8 Neptune Point Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough £30.00
  New Zealand  
  A crisp refreshing Sauvignon, citrus notes with grassy undertones and a lingering finish..  
9 Telegrsph Road Semillion Sauvignon Blanc £24.00
  Beautiful blend of rich,golden and aromatic Semillon with refreshing green gooseberry fruit.  
10 Gewurztraminer Michel Leon £25.00
  Full, spicy, aromatic wine with perfect acidity. Excellent with Oriental cuisine.  
11 Chablic 1er Cru Les Vaucopin, J. Moreau £40.00
  Steely acidity with great structure- a wine which has aged beautifully and is drinking perfectly now.  
12 Châteauneuf du Pape Blanc Chateau Beauchene £40.00
  Very full bodied and elegant. Largely Grenache Blanc and Roussane grapes.  
13 Domaine De La Perriere Sancerre £42.00
  Bright appearance with well balanced white flowers, peach and acacia on the nose leading into dry supple palate with flavours of clean citrus fruit .  

Red Wine Selection

Bin No. Red Wine Selection 75cl Bottle
14 Cape Marlin Cape Red £18.00
  South Africa  
  A deliciously smooth blend of 5 grapes varieties, primarily Pinotage, with a soft fruit palate and a spicy finish.  
  By the glass £5.80 (250ml)  
15 Euca Hill Shiraz £21.00
  Warm flavours of pastille sweet with hints of black pepper and dark winter fruits.  
16 Finca Clasica Shiraz Malbec £21.00
  Lively intense red colour with an aroma of raspberries and plums. The palate is soft and easy with plenty of fruit and a long, pleasant finish.  
17 Las Condes Merlot £20.00
  Classic Merlot with soft plummy fruit character and a balanced finish.  
18 Reserve St Marc Cabernet Sauvignon £21.00
  Ripe dark fruit aromas,medium to full bodied with good intensity of flavour  
19 Liso Veinte Tempranillo £22.00
  Young and fruity, intense fresh flavours. Pure Tempranillo.  
20 Rothschild Colletion Merlot £23.00
  Cherry red in colour with a fine delicate nose showingberry fruit and violet.  
21 770 Mile Red Zinfandel £23.00
  A medium bodied Zinfandel with soft red berry fruits and gently knitted tannins.  
22 Cotes du Rhone Commandeur de St Michel £23.00
  Ablend of Grenache and Syrah with good length and balanced fruit flavours.  
23 Rioja Senorial Reserva £26.00
  Beautifully well balanced wine, oak aged with delicate aromas of cherries and chocolate and wonderfully rounded mouth feel.  
24 Médoc Reserve Dulong £23.00
  More structure and depth than basic Bordeaux. Cabernet based with typical cedar characteristics.  
25 Chianti Fontella D.O.C  £24.00
  Largely Sangiovese. Ruby red, smooth and medium bodied on the palate.  
26 Neptune Point Pinot Noir £30.00
  New Zealand  
  Silky soft mouth feel,balanced with raspberry and violet aromas which continues unfolding in the glass  
27 Châteauneuf du Pape Chateau Beauchene £40.00
  A flagship wine with a strong structure and full, rich flavours with harmonious tannins.  

Rosé Wine Selection

 Bin No. Rosé Wine Selection 75cl Bottle
29 Pinot Grigio San Giorgio Rose £21.00
  Raspberries and strawberries, perfect summer drinking.  
28 770 Miles Zinfandel Rosé     By the glass (250ml) £6.40 £20.00
  Ripe red cherry flavours follow from the nose through the palate with lovely, crisp acidity.  

Japanese Wine

Bin No. Japanese Wine    
30 Saki Full Bottle £25.00
    1/4 Bottle £8.00

Sparkling Wine and Champagne

 Bin No. Sparkling Wine and Champagne 75cl Bottle
32 Nua Prosecco £22.00
  An elegant, yet fruity bouquet with flavours of mellow greengage and a light   
  pleasantly crisp citrus note. A harmonious balance that makes it an ideal aperitif.   
33 Nua Sparkling Rose £23.00
  This elegant pink sparkling wine from Piemonte in Italy is light and dry with enchanting hints of raspberry and strawberry.  
34 Jules Feraud Cuvée de Reserve £40.00
  Award winning, elegant, biscuity champagne of great quality which has been highly regarded for many years.  
35 Laurent Perrier Brut £65.00
  Bone dry with subtle savoury, toasty flavours and a delicate, yet complex nose.  
36 Laurent Perrier Rosè £90.00
  100% Pinot Noir. Glorious pink colour with rounded red fruit flavours.  
  Durbanville Hills Sparkiling Sauvignon Blanc £21.00
  South Africa  
  Invigorating and refreshing.  

Beers & Aperitifs

  Stella Artois, Belguim 330ml Bottle £4.50
  Tsing Tao, China 330ml Bottle £4.50
  Tiger, Singapore 330ml Bottle £4.50
  Martini Sweet 50ml £4.00
  Martini Dry 50ml £4.00
  Cinzano 50ml £4.00

Spirits and Liqueurs

  Chinese Liqueurs    
  Mei Kuei Lu 25ml £5.50
  Spirits and Liqueurs    
  Smirnoff Vodka 25ml £4.00
  Gordons Gin 25ml £4.00
  Bacardi 25ml £4.00
  Captain Morgan 25ml £4.00
  Jack Daniel's 25ml £4.50
  Jamesons Irish Whiskey 25ml £4.50
  Whisky 25ml £4.00
  Archers Peach Schnapps 25ml £4.00
  Baileys 25ml £4.00
  Cointreau 25ml £4.00
  Grand Marnier 25ml £4.00
  Malibu 25ml £4.00
  Pimms No.1 25ml £4.00
  Sambuca 25ml £4.00
  Southern Comfort 25ml £4.00
  Tia Maria 25ml £4.00
  Tequila 25ml £4.00
  Amaretto Disaronno 25ml £4.00
  Drambuie 25ml £4.00
  Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Whisky  25ml £6.00
  Royale Salute 21 Year Whisky 25ml £10.00


  Brandy 25ml £4.50
  Armagnac 25ml £6.00
  Remy Martin VSOP 25ml £6.00
  Hennessy XO 25ml £10.00

Sherry and Port

  Sherry - Dry or Sweet 50ml £4.00
   Port 50ml £4.00
  Noval LBV Port 50ml £7.00

Minerals, Soft Drinks and Juices

  Coca Cola, Diet Coke or Lemonade   £2.50
  Tonic Water, Soda Water or Bitter Lemon  


  Ginger Ale   £2.50
  Pineapple Juice or Orange Juice   £2.50
  Mineral Water Still or Sparkling Bottle £4.00
  Mixers   £1.00
  J20 Range   £3.50